With the official first day of summer tomorrow, Chipotle Mexican Grill announced that it’s also officially summer catering season. Whether it’s a group of six for a summer soiree, or a crew of two-hundred for an evening extravaganza, Chipotle creates custom catering options that fit all types of diets and lifestyles.

With three different, build-your-own options, Chipotle Catering allows groups to completely customize the meal to effortlessly accommodate different group sizes and variety eating preferences. Named as one of the most allergy friendly restaurant chains in America by AllergyEats, Chipotle satisfies everyone except those allergic to delicious food.

“Chipotle Catering is truly a jack of all trades that breaks the monotony of standard group orders,” says Tressie Lieberman, Vice President, Digital and Off-Premise at Chipotle. “It provides the opportunity for everyone to utilize all of our real ingredients to create exactly what they want.”

If the whole squad is already set on burritos, there’s also Burritos by the Box. Each burrito is individually wrapped, packed into bundles by the box and ready for whatever burrito bash you have planned. Plus, for every two burritos Chipotle includes a bag of chips, tomatillo-green chili salsa, sour cream and of course, guac.

And for those just looking to snack this summer, there’s also the chips and salsa spread, complete with all four salsas and your choice of guac or queso. After all, summer is the perfect time to take a dip … of guac with a perfectly seasoned chip.

As if you needed more incentive, catering is a great way to earn Chipotle Rewards points towards free Chipotle. Chipotle Rewards members earn 10 points per dollar spent on catering orders, either by ordering online through your Chipotle Rewards account or by scanning your digital member code before paying in-restaurant.

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