Checkmate, a B2B SaaS company that specializes in digital ordering and delivery solutions for restaurants, is now expanding its horizons with a wider range of technology and services.

While Checkmate has traditionally offered third-party integration and order aggregation services, it has scaled its operations to offer a comprehensive ordering solutions platform, including first-party, third-party, kiosks, loyalty, catering, data analytics, voice AI, and more. As an extension of the repositioning and to reflect our direction in the marketplace, the rebrand is accompanied by a new logo, visual identity, and website.

“With our revamped website and branding, restaurant operators will be able to see exactly how our technology has evolved, creating the ideal mix of best-in-class solutions and hands-on support tailored to every brand’s unique needs,” said Checkmate’s VP of Marketing, Kevin Jaskolka. “We hope to serve as industry trailblazers as we continue to provide customers with a more customizable and flexible set of results-driven digital solutions.”

The Checkmate rebrand supports a host of restaurant ordering solutions that brands can leverage to streamline operations, grow their business, and improve the guest experience. So far, these digital solutions have helped over 27,000 locations increase sales. This rebrand elevates the Checkmate platform, making it easier for enterprise brands to find the ideal technology and service needed to achieve their goals in a digital-first environment.

“In an industry saturated with tech-centric brands, we’ve forged a different path – one where technology seamlessly intertwines with the human touch – symbolized in our new logo, which resembles an interconnected heart or handshake,” said Founder & CEO, Vishal Agarwal. “This rebrand underscores our commitment to not just provide software solutions, but to empower restaurants to scale their digital businesses on their own terms.”

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