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    ITW Professional Brands Unveil Color-Changing Towels

  • Industry News May 13, 2014

    ITW Professional Brands unveiled Sertun Rechargeable Sanitizer Indicator Towels.  The towels feature patent-pending Color-Check technology that changes the towel color from blue to yellow when there is not sufficient sanitizer in it. This gives restaurant operators peace of mind that they are effectively sanitizing hard surfaces and are in compliance with restaurant health codes.

    The towels will be featured at the 2014 National Restaurant Association (NRA) Show. Celebrity chef Robert Irvine will be at the Sertun brand booth No. 3472 on Saturday, May 18, 1–3 p.m., taking photos with attendees.

    “If you watch Restaurant Impossible, you know how highly I value proper sanitation,” Irvine says.  “Sertun will give you confidence that you are doing everything you can to ensure the health of your customers.”

    According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), 48 million people in the U.S. get sick from eating contaminated food every year—nearly half from a restaurant or deli. The average restaurant illness incident costs more than $75,000 in fines and legal costs. The Sertun towel reduces worries about health code violations and fines and illness from poor hard surface cleaning.

    “Health code violations and fines can add up, but they are just the tip of the iceberg,” says Tara Millar, Sertun brand product manager for ITW Professional Brands.  “Because of the potential for negative publicity, the damage to a restaurant’s brand and reputation from an illness could be devastating.”

    With Sertun towels, restaurant operators never have to wonder if their sanitizer is out of spec. As Sertun towels deploy quat, the color of the towel changes from blue to yellow, indicating there is not sufficient sanitizer in the towel. By placing the towel back into properly mixed sanitizer, the towel recharges and turns blue again.  When the towel no longer turns blue, it’s time to change the sanitizer.

    The Sertun towels were in development for seven years and have been well received by restaurants and distributors alike.

    “Several large restaurant chains are testing the towels now and have shared tremendous feedback,” Millar says.  “We’ve also received an overwhelmingly positive reception to the soft launch from distributors and expect a huge market response.”

    For more information about Sertun Rechargeable Sanitizer Indicator Towels, operators can visit ITW Professional Brands’ booth No. 3472 at the 2014 NRA Show.

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