Ivar’s Seafood, Soup, and Sauce Company has long enjoyed an international following for its chowders, sauces, and non-seafood soups. Now it’s whetting even more appetites with three new products, to be showcased during the Northwest Foodservice Show today and tomorrow at the Oregon Convention Center in Portland, Oregon, booth 914.

Products include:

  • Pier 54 Clam Chowder This sublime chowder looks and tastes homemade because it’s packed with twice the usual amount of tender, succulent sea clams, fresh vegetables, Red Bliss potatoes, real cream, and butter. Available for foodservice in three 4-pound bags of soup concentrate (yields 36 eight-ounce servings).
  • Wild Alaskan Smoked Salmon Chowder This slightly spicy chowder features wild Alaskan Keta Salmon–a source of beneficial Omega-3 fatty acids–that’s been smoked in the traditional Northwest style over native hardwood. Available for foodservice in three 4-pound bags of soup concentrate and three 7-ounce bags of smoked salmon (yields 38 eight-ounce servings).
  • Ivar’s TwoSpoon Chicken Noodle Soup Ivar’s version of this classic soup is brimming with all white-meat chicken breast in a rich stock with fresh carrots and celery, tender egg noodles, and savory herbs. At just 100 calories and three grams of fat per one-cup serving, it’s also a healthy choice. Available for foodservice in four 3-pound bags of soup concentrate (yields 56 eight-ounce servings).