Specialist manufacturer of PC-based touchscreens and point-of-sale hardware to the retail, hospitality, and leisure industries, J2 Retail Systems Inc., has brought to market its latest PC-based touchscreen EPoS terminal, the J2 680L.


The company describes this latest addition to its J2 600 POS family as a targeted response to retailers and hospitality operators demanding full functionality, high performance, and keen pricing. The J2 680L comes in at an attractive price-point while still offering a rich feature set and high-end performance.


The J2 680L utilizes industry-standard components to offer flexibility, speed, and extended product life. “Taking advantage of new generation, high power/low heat chipsets, and the latest i3 and i5 Intel processors, our new J2 680L provides unrivalled power and connectivity,” says Kurt Ericson, vice president of J2 Retail Systems Inc. The processors are low power and can be run in a fan-on or fan-off mode for harsh environments.


The J2 680L is equipped with the latest-generation bezel-free 15-inch high-brightness 4:3 LED Backlit display touchscreen. Users are offered a choice of True Flat Resistive (TFR) or Projected Capacitive Touch (PCT), to deliver extreme durability and superior optics for exact and reliable operation. The zero-bezel design not only provides a modern look but aids cleaning and repels spills and dirt. The new J2 680L supports gesturing as required by the latest operating systems. LED display technology uses less power and guarantees greater reliability and longer screen life.


Secondary display screens, 10.1” or 14.1”, can be run off the J2 680L and come with an optional VGA (Video Graphics Array) connector or with HDMI (High-Definition Multimedia Interface) support.


In common with other models in the J2 600 family, the J2 680L comes with hard drive (HDD) or solid state storage (SSD) as standard. The company’s trademark ‘all in the head’ design allows the terminal to be mounted on a pole, counter-top or wall.


Kurt Ericson attributes the success of J2’s 600 series to its customer-driven design and its low cost of ownership. “We are totally committed to extending product life cycles and driving down cost of ownership for our retail and hospitality customers.”


The J2 680L comes with a choice of Intel second-generation processors; the Intel G550T 2.2GHz dual core processor as standard or the option of an i3 2.6GHz or i5 2.7 GHz.


This new terminal supports a wide range of optional add-on peripherals including MSR, Customer Displays, Biometrics, RFID, iButton, and a 2.5 hour Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS), providing a truly versatile and high-performance POS terminal.


All current Microsoft Windows operating systems can be run on the RoHS and WEEE compliant J2 680L.

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