Jack in the Box continues its path of innovation with the launch of a virtual reality experience that brings to life Jack’s recently launched Brunchfast menu.

The experience takes viewers into the mind of Jack Box, featuring notable social influencers Bart Baker, Josh Elkin, and Daym Drops and an original song created by Baker, the self-professed king of music video parodies. The VR experience showcases the 24-7 availability of the Brunchfast menu by transporting viewers into different imaginative worlds inspired by popular Brunchfast menu items such as the Bacon & Egg Chicken Sandwich, Southwest Scrambler Plate and Brunch Burger. Consumers will be both entertained and hungry after stepping into these never-before-seen worlds, which engage all of their senses.

The Influencer video will be available for viewing on Jack’s Facebook and YouTube channels.

“In true Jack in the Box fashion, we’re taking the brunch occasion and flipping it upside down with our Brunchfast VR experience,” says Iwona Alter, chief marketing officer at Jack in the Box. “We’re giving consumers a unique brunch experience by crafting a virtual environment in which they can step into the mind of Jack and watch the world of Brunchfast come to life!”

Jack in the Box will also be launching another immersive Brunchfast experience at the inaugural ComplexCon convention in Long Beach. There, visitors will be invited to walk through a ball pit and into an innovative projection-mapped interactive floor experience—the Jack in the Box Mystery Box—that allows them to travel through a series of physically immersive worlds that look, feel and smell like Brunchfast.

This fully immersive projection-mapped experience will take users into the mind of Jack Box, as he conceptualizes his new Brunchfast menu. Upon entering Jack’s mind, users will be greeted by blood orange butterflies and eggs yolks breaking under their toes. From there, attendees will smell hot maple syrup as they enter a cave inside of a pancake volcano. Once inside, maple syrup lava drips down the walls and explodes, submerging users in an ocean of syrup. Finally, as the pancake volcano erupts, users will feel as if they are being shot into the clouds before they ride their very own cloud back down to earth.

Both inventive experiences were created in partnership with Horizon Media Los Angeles and David&Goliath, who worked with VR Playhouse to bring the immersive experience to life. Sixth Sense and Unofficial Cardboard rounded out the VR project team. The below video was created by David&Goliath and VR Playhouse.

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