Industry News | July 13, 2004

Jack in the Box Offers Skin-On Fry

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Jack in the Box has introduced a skin-on, "Natural Cut" french fry. The new fries are sliced bigger and thicker than the chain's previous fry style and are the only skin-on french fries offered by a major fast-food chain.

"The love of french fries is universal, but people are pretty picky about what they look for in a fry," said Michelle Vespa, director of menu marketing and innovation. "We're confident that our new fries offer the texture and natural potato flavor that will appeal to even the most finicky eater."

Jack's Natural Cut Fries are available for a suggested price of $1.09 for a small order, $1.49 for a medium, and $1.69 for a large. The chain will also continue to offer seasoned Curly Fries.