As of Monday, Jack in the Box restaurants across the country will serve a new finger-food—the taquito. Made with seasoned beef rolled into a corn tortilla, the taquitos are designed to be easy to dip and less messy than traditional tacos. They are, according to a release put out by Jack in the Box, “the ideal addition to Jack’s innovative snack menu that features mozzarella cheese sticks, egg rolls and stuffed jalapenos.”

Jack’s taquitos come in two serving sizes —three pieces for a recommended $1.49 and five pieces for a recommended $2.29. The taquitos come with hot sauce, but guests can order a side of real guacamole for 39 cents or sour cream for 29 cents.

“While taquitos are very unique for a hamburger chain, adding them to our menu is really a natural progression of what we’ve been doing for years,” said Janet McCulley, product manager for Jack in the Box. “Jack is known for taking items you might find in sit-down restaurants and offering them in the quick-serve arena.”

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