Whataburger announced its first-ever Jalapeno Week. From January 11 to January 17, customers can add jalapenos to any burger, sandwich, taquito, or other entree for free. It is regularly about 45 cents per item.

On January 12, firefighters and police officers from 16 different departments in eight cities will compete in jalapeno eating contests at Whataburger restaurants in El Paso, Dallas, San Antonio, Houston, Corpus Christi, and Austin, Texas; Oklahoma City, Oklahoma; and Phoenix, Arizona. Department teams will see who can eat 12 whole, pickled jalapenos the fastest, with the winning team taking home $750 for a charity of their choice. The runners-up will each earn $250 for charities of their choosing. Overall, Whataburger will donate $8,000.

“Because of our roots in Texas and the Southwest, our customers are no strangers to spicy heat. In an average week, we get requests to add jalapenos more than 100,000 times,” says Rich Scheffler, group director of marketing for Whataburger Restaurants LP. “Our customers know our heritage of making every order customized and they’re not afraid to take advantage and spice things up.”

Whataburger’s Jalapeno Week is part of Whataburger Serves, a year-long series of themed activities that demonstrate Whataburger’s service-oriented approach to business.

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