Jamba has expanded its Watermelon lineup with two new limited-edition watermelon smoothies: Watermelon Lemonade and Watermelon Tajin. The popular Watermelon Breeze Smoothie has also made its much anticipated return. 

In particular, Jamba is embracing the rising “swicy” (sweet+spicy) trend with the introduction of the Watermelon Tajin Smoothie.

  • Availability: All three Jamba watermelon smoothies will be available at nationwide Jamba stores starting May 14th, and available through September 9th or while supplies last.
  • Flavor Trends: Jamba is brightening customers’ days with unique ingredient mashups like watermelon + lemonade and watermelon + tajin, tying into seasonal moments like the start of summer. 
  • Innovation: Jamba’s watermelon line extension is just one way the brand continues to innovate its product portfolio with limited-edition items that tap into notable food, beverage, menu and flavor trends. 
  • Product Descriptions:
    • Watermelon Tajin SmoothieA sweet and spicy flavor of summer that features watermelon flavors, pineapple, strawberry, and is blended with Tajín Mild Hot Sauce for kick of sweet heat. *NEW ITEM
    • Watermelon Lemonade Smoothie: A sweet refreshing flavor of the summer that features watermelon, pineapple, lemonade, and strawberry flavors to quench your thirst. *NEW ITEM
    • Watermelon Breeze Smoothie: A returning fan-favorite Jamba smoothie with a sweet and refreshing taste featuring watermelon, pineapple, and strawberry flavors. *RETURNING ITEM
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