Jamba Juice Company announces major enhancements to its Sip to Support community fundraising and customer loyalty program. Sip to Support first launched in 2010 as a program for customers to give 10 percent of their check back to charities and community organizations of their choice. Due to rapid growth and extensive participation in the program, Jamba has chosen to partner with Marqeta, an online- to-offline commerce and payments platform, to provide the enhanced resources and technology necessary to take the program to the next level.

The Sip to Support program is a strategic element of Jamba's longtime commitment to supporting schools and community organizations that encourage health and wellness. The program provides year-round fundraising tools for schools and community organizations to raise valuable resources and a low-effort, but high impact way for their supporters to help raise funds with no extra out-of-pocket expense.
With Marqeta’s technology powering the Sip to Support program, individuals are now able to pre-load funds onto their Jamba Juice Sip to Support Marqeta Card. The Card serves as the method of donation and payment, while also unlocking special Sip to Support rewards from Jamba. In addition, the Sip to Support Card provides access to local and national offers at all participating Jamba locations and other participating retailers on the Marqeta platform. The process for charities and community organizations is equally fluid. They now only need to direct supporters to sign up through Sip to Support’s website. Organizations will also be able to use the site to track funds raised, number of supporters engaged, and timing of fund distributions.
“Jamba’s commitment to supporting healthy active communities starts at our stores, but is fueled everyday by the engagement of our loyal customers and their individual conviction and dedication to promoting wellness,” says Julie S. Washington, senior vice president and chief brand officer, Jamba Juice Company. “We are constantly seeking new and innovative ways to reach communities around the world with the important active lifestyle message, and with resources and guidance to get them started along their individual paths. Through a partnership with Marqeta, we have found an exciting way to expand our corporate giving by engaging our customers and their network to direct a portion of their bill toward youth and community organizations they feel compelled to support.”
“Jamba Juice’s Sip to Support program gives customers an easy way to support the charities and organizations they care about most. We’re excited that Marqeta can enable and accelerate the growth of this unique program,” says Marqeta CEO Jason Gardner. “We strongly believe in using our payments platform to support innovative programs at the intersection of retail, healthy living, and education. Our technology offers our partners a way to greatly enhance widely adopted programs in market.”
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