Hundreds of high school students joined together at the Fremont Federation of High Schools – College Prep and Architecture Academy, Mandela High, Media College Prep, and Robeson School of Visual & Performing Arts – for a Healthy Oakland Schools celebration that included a “Ready, Set, Jamba Jump” jump rope event and student forum with motivational speaker Stedman Graham.

The activities highlighted a new program announced between Jamba Juice (Nasdaq:JMBA – News) and the Oakland Unified School District to provide healthy All Fruit Smoothies to Oakland public schools as part of their school lunch programs.

The day began with nearly 300 students attending a forum that featured an inspirational discussion with James D. White, president and CEO of Jamba Juice Company and author, educator, and entrepreneur, Stedman Graham. They encouraged students to aim high, set high goals for themselves, and strive to overcome any adversity they may face in their lives. Graham, who travels throughout the country speaking to students, has a lifelong commitment to youth, community, and education. He outlined nine steps for success for the students from his educational series, “My Life is About.”

“Inside every teen there is a dream and we’re here today to inspire and help them discover and create opportunities so they can reach their greatest potential,” Graham says. “It is important to help them understand their potential so they become the architects in their own lives.”

Following the forum, Jamba’s Bananaman joined Team Oakland, a local student youth track team trained by 100 Black Men, to lead students in a “Ready, Set, Jamba Jump” jump rope event. Hundreds of students jump roped to music and everyone who participated was a winner, each receiving a $5 Jamba Juice gift card. Jamba Juice donated 500 jump ropes to the school for its physical education programs and students were served Jamba Juice smoothies afterward.

Jamba Juice supports Team Oakland by providing delicious oatmeal for their training clinics. The team will be competing in the International Children’s Olympics in France this June.

“Jamba Juice is proud to support Oakland Unified by sponsoring today’s event and working together to provide students all fruit smoothies throughout the year as part of the school lunch program,” White says.

“We are celebrating 20 years of feeling good and this is one of those moments where we get to really feel great by helping students take healthy actions, providing them better-for-you menu choices, and inspiring them to succeed in their future endeavors.”

Through Jamba’s School Lunch Program, Jamba will provide area schools the ability to purchase and sell Jamba Juice’s All Fruit Smoothie line at fixed and reduced prices to students.

Beginning this week, the Fremont Federation of High Schools will begin offering Jamba Juice smoothies.

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