Industry News | June 27, 2011

Jamba Juice Asks, "What Would You Blend?"

Jamba Juice Company, a leading healthy, active lifestyle brand, announced the launch of its "What Would You Blend?" consumer engagement campaign.

To kick-off the campaign, Jamba Juice is re-releasing last summer's smoothie spoof and viral video phenomenon, "The Cheeseburger Chill," and is asking the public to put all kidding aside and share what they would blend if they were to make their own delicious smoothie at home.  

Consumers are invited to submit a photo or 45-second video of their smoothie ( on Jamba Juice's Facebook page for a chance to be showcased in the "What Would You Blend?" gallery.

Visitors can view photos and videos in the gallery and are encouraged to "Like" their favorites. The most "liked" video and photo will be announced on Jamba Juice's Facebook page at the end of the campaign.  

"For more than 20 years, Jamba Juice has been a favorite destination for refreshing smoothies because of our use of real, whole fruit and other nutritional ingredients to create great tasting, better-for-you, customizable offerings," says Susan Shields, senior vice president and CMO, Jamba Juice Company. "We want to know how Jamba Juice's delectable menu of smoothies may have influenced and inspired customers in the creation of their own unique at-home smoothie blends and are inviting them to share those recipes with other Jamba Juice fans."

The campaign gallery currently features blended creations from Jamba Juice's Ambassadors of Wow. New photos and videos will be added daily through July 19.

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