With fall in full swing and the economy still in a rut, Jamba Juice launched a campaign to make sure customers new and old are still “feeling good.”

The company’s Feel Good Moments campaign launched in participating stores nationwide with three major components: Feel Good Bucks, Feel Good Moment Sweepstakes, and Feel Good Events.

The Feel Good Bucks are 30 million vouchers ranging from $1 to $10,000 in value that will be distributed via several media, including street teams and online. The Feel Good Moment Sweepstakes will award three customers with their Feel Good Moment of choice (like a vacation) of up to $10,000 in value. And the Feel Good Events will come in the form of random acts of kindness in major U.S. markets—the first occurring yesterday in New York, where free transit passes were distributed to commuters.

“What we wanted to do is capture the core essence of the Jamba brand and what the people feel,” says James White, president and CEO of Jamba Inc. “This is a fun brand and that’s how consumers experience Jamba.”

“We feel like these Feel Good moments reinforce the essence of the brand in terms of after you have a Jamba Juice product, you feel good both emotionally as well as physically,” says Susan Shields, vice president of consumer products, licensing, and growth initiatives for the company. “So it’s just kind of a translation of that essence of how the brand and the products make you feel.”

The year has brought several changes for Jamba Juice, most notably an expanded menuboard that includes items like oatmeal and flatbreads. White says the Feel Good campaign is a way to promote the company’s new look.

“We hope that many of the random acts of kindness with the Feel Good moments will drive traffic [and] create buzz for the brand, and bring existing consumers in and people that really haven’t experienced the brand either ever or recently,” he says. “We’re very excited with the way we’ve extended our menuboard, [and] this gives us an opportunity to expose people to the new food offerings at Jamba.”

Shields agrees that the hospitality of the company should lure new customers, while also providing old customers with a reason to come back to the brand.

“A lot of people don’t realize we have food and different offerings,” she says. “Bringing those lapsed users back in to become life users would be very significant in terms of our business.”

The Feel Good Moments campaign ends January 4, 2010.

By Sam Oches

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