Jamba Juice Company announced the launch of Jamba Probiotic Fruit and Yogurt Blends—healthy, refreshing yogurt drinks made with Jamba's specially formulated Probiotic Boost. Containing more than 500 million active cultures per serving, Jamba's Probiotic Fruit and Yogurt Blends offer customers a simple way to support immune system functioning and digestive health.

Adding to its already existing portfolio of beverages and food that provide health-promoting properties, Jamba Juice will offer its Probiotic Fruit and Yogurt Blends in three flavors including Vibrant Blueberry, Strawberries Alive, and Thrivin' Mango. All Jamba Juice Probiotic Fruit and Yogurt Blends are made with whole fruits; probiotics, an excellent source of Vitamin C; no high fructose corn syrup; no artificial flavors; no artificial preservatives; and 0 grams trans fats.

"We understand that there is a growing demand for on-the-go products that satisfy the needs of the health conscious consumer," says Susan Shields, chief marketing officer for Jamba Juice Company. "More and more consumers are seeking functional beverages and foods to help solve a variety of dietary needs and we wanted to offer a new product that is innovative, nutritious, delicious, and serves a special purpose. Whether you are seeking to eat healthier as a part of your New Year's resolution or just want a product that helps support immune system functioning and aids in digestion of food and nutrients, Jamba's Probiotic Fruit and Yogurt Blends is a perfect fit to deliver on those daily functional needs."

In the same functional foods family as the Probiotic Fruit and Yogurt Blends, Jamba Juice also offers an assortment of standalone boosts—including a Probiotic Boost—that can be added to any Jamba Juice smoothie. Created to fit the needs of the individual customer, Jamba Juice Boosts range from Soy Protein Boost to Antioxidant Boost to Energy Boost to help keep you feeling good all day long. Additional Jamba Juice products that help optimize health with functional benefits include the Coldbuster Smoothie—a nourishing beverage that contains the dual powers of Jamba's Immunity and Antioxidant Power Boost—and Jamba Oatmeal—100 percent organic steel cut oats made with soymilk and topped with real fruit.

To help get 2011 started off right, Jamba Juice will provide special offers on its Probiotic Fruit and Yogurt Blends as well as the Coldbuster Smoothie and Steel Cut Oatmeal at participating locations. From January 10 through January 23 with a coupon printed from the company’s website, 12 size Probiotic Fruit and Yogurt Blends are just $1, 16 size Coldbuster Smoothies just $2, and Steel Cut Oatmeal also $1.

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