Industry News | March 3, 2011

Jamba’s New Campaign Promises to ‘Wow’

Jamba Juice Company announced the launch of the Jamba Juice “Ambassadors of Wow” campaign, a year-long contest to find a group of 100 local ambassadors, eight of which will be chosen to become national representatives of the brand. The contest, which will run in stages throughout the year, encourages fans to nominate themselves or worthy friends or family members to be the new faces of Jamba and share their excitement about the brand by creating “wow” through support and involvement within their communities.

The 100 “Ambassadors of Wow” will be hand-picked by Jamba Juice based on a number of factors, such as their attitude toward health, interest in inspiring people around them, hobbies, level of activity, and knowledge of and passion for Jamba Juice. Ultimately, these people will embody the Jamba spirit of a healthy, active, community-oriented lifestyle. Additionally, eight of the 100 people selected will be voted on by Jamba fans to become national brand ambassadors and may be given the opportunity to appear in Jamba Juice advertisements and promotional campaigns. With the support of Jamba Juice, the national ambassadors will be encouraged to infuse the Jamba Juice brand into their lives and communities—from treating their office to grab-n-go lunches or providing smoothies after the local soccer game, and will also be featured on the Jamba Juice website.

“At Jamba Juice, we take pride in our loyal customers and know they are a positive representation of our brand,” says Susan Shields, senior vice president and chief marketing officer of Jamba Juice Company. “The ‘Ambassadors of Wow’ are real people—moms, dads, athletes, students, and everyone in between; they are the fans that support Jamba everyday by inspiring healthy living in their communities. This campaign gives us the opportunity to recognize these dedicated fans, and make them a bigger part of our brand.”

Jamba Juice’s “Ambassador of Wow” contest begins March 3. Entries to become the first 25 ambassadors will be accepted until March 20. These 25 ambassadors will be announced near or around March 30. There will be an election period from March 30 to April 12, during which Jamba Juice fans will be able vote to determine the first two national “Ambassadors of Wow.” These two national ambassadors will be announced on or around April 21. Throughout the rest of the year, there will be three more opportunities to enter to become a Jamba “Ambassador of Wow.”


How do I sign up?

How do I sign up?

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