Raleigh, North Carolina, recipient of the James Beard Award for Outstanding Chef in the country, Ashley Christensen, has partnered with MDO Holdings on a series of fast-casual chicken sandwich restaurants across the Triangle officially named BB’s Crispy Chicken.

“The name,” says Christensen, “started out as a nickname that Michael Olander, Jr. [CEO, MDOH] and I used to refer to this project when it was still just an idea. We were sitting in Beasley’s Chicken + Honey, my full-service restaurant dedicated to fried chicken, and joked that this new venture would be like a ‘baby Beasley’s,’ so we started referring to it as BB’s. After trying out many other options for names, we couldn’t shake this one—it resonated with everyone in our group. I love that it nods to my fried chicken origin story, while also being a distinct, standalone identity—one that encapsulates the approachable, fun, community-driven feel that we’re aiming for with this project.”

Inspired by the fried chicken recipe that chef Christensen has perfected over the course of her career cooking in the South, the BB’s crispy chicken sandwich is simple but delicious, with high-quality, fresh ingredients and thoughtful preparation.

BB’s will offer five different sandwiches, all designed to highlight chef Ashley’s favorite fried chicken pairings, from punchy pickles to chili-spiced heat. Each sandwich starts with a golden-brown, shatteringly crispy fried chicken breast on a locally made, fresh brioche bun with a swipe of mayo.

Guests can add special toppings and creative sauces, such as Carolina Reaper hot mayo, to customize their ideal sandwiches. Guests can also opt for char-grilled chicken or cornmeal-fried green tomatoes.

One can’t survive on crispy chicken alone, and guests can round out their BB’s experience with an array of freshly prepared sides, salads, milkshakes, and wine and beer. Menu Items will be priced from $3 to $8.

Three locations are slated to open in 2020, with the first in early summer at the Midtown East shopping center off Wake Forest Road. While the interior floor plan is still being finalized, the Midtown East location is estimated to have approximately 100 seats, while employing roughly 50 people.

The other two locations are at Durham’s University Hill and Cary’s Parkside Town Commons.

A grand-opening date, still to be confirmed, is anticipated for early summer 2020 for the Midtown East Location.

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