Jeff’s Bagel Run announced its acquisition of Otus Coffee, its longtime coffee supplier. This strategic move signifies a significant milestone in Jeff’s Bagel Run’s pursuit of delivering superior menu items while refining its supply chain to offer an even more seamless experience to its customers.

By integrating Otus Coffee into its business model, Jeff’s Bagel Run gains greater control over its supply chain, ensuring quality and consistency in every cup served.

“Acquiring Otus Coffee is a strategic step that perfectly aligns with our vision of providing exceptional products and experiences to our customers,” said Justin Wetherill of Jeff’s Bagel Run. “We pride ourselves on offering the finest bagels, spreads, and coffee, and this acquisition allows us to further strengthen our commitment to quality and innovation.”

Otus Coffee, known for its selective sourcing and expert roasting ,will continue to operate under its current brand within the Jeff’s Bagel Run family. Customers can expect the same unparalleled taste and attention to detail they have come to love, now with the added assurance of vertical integration.

“We are excited to join forces with Jeff’s Bagel Run and continue our mission of crafting exceptional coffee experiences,” said Glen Turchin, Founder of Otus Coffee. “This partnership opens up new possibilities for growth and innovation, and we look forward to the journey ahead.”

The acquisition of Otus Coffee by Jeff’s Bagel Run represents a significant step forward in the company’s growth strategy. With a focus on enhancing its offerings and building a scalable supply chain, Jeff’s Bagel Run is poised to further solidify its position as a beloved destination for bagels and coffee enthusiasts alike.

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