Jerry’s Subs & Pizza has seen strong returns on investment that is possible through the implementation of online ordering.

Six months ago, the company started using a fully integrated online ordering suite through TakeOut Technologies. The results have been outstanding. “Using this technology, I’m going to continue to build this business,” says Dana Siller, director of corporate marketing at Jerry’s Subs & Pizza.

Jerry’s Subs & Pizza has 65 locations in the mid-Atlantic region and has rolled out online ordering systemwide after a beta test with just a few locations. Since launching online ordering with TakeOut Technologies, online sales have grown each sequential week – up 100 percent from the initial launch.

The company has updated menus with the new online ordering capabilities and in-store posters. Counter cards and flyers were distributed to all locations alerting customers to the new service.

Adding online credit card payments to the ordering process has boosted check amounts even more. Jerry’s did a test – ran the numbers of two comparable locations, both offering online ordering and delivery, with one allowing online payment via credit card and one that was cash only upon delivery. The results spoke for themselves – an average check increase of $7-$8 on those orders with credit card payments. “It’s crazy at this point to have online ordering without credit card processing,” Siller says.

Beyond the increase in sales and per check averages, the data mining that Jerry’s is able to do with TakeOut Technologies is invaluable, Siller says. At any time, he can run reports indicating which customers are frequent orderers, which have ordered once but not repeated and which signed up for their e-club but never placed an online order, and develop an e-mail marketing message to match.

“Online ordering has been an excellent investment for our company, a real value,” Siller says. “There are so many uses to the information I am able to collect, it’s almost limitless.”

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