To capture a slice of American life, Jersey Mike’s Subs, known for its freshly sliced and grilled subs, rolled out its first ever Trend Tracker survey last week. Quarterly, the company will poll customers about a trending topic with the first installment being the Sports Edition. Within 24 hours of inviting customers to take the survey, the Trend Tracker received nearly 100,000 responses. Sub lovers were happy to offer their opinion, with a total of 108,683 responses gathered between July 26 and July 28. In exchange for answering four questions, the company gave a $2 coupon to each respondent. 

Here are the highlights from the survey results:

Gymnastics has a jump on the competition. According to the Trend Tracker, the five top events Americans will be watching over the next few weeks are: 

·      Gymnastics (36.9 percent)

·      Swimming (21 percent)

·      Track and field (13.8 percent)

·      Basketball (9.6 percent)

·      Beach volleyball (9.5 percent) 

Based on Trend Tracker results, 92 percent of respondents predict the U.S. will win the most gold medals. In 2012, the U.S. won 46 gold medals, the most out of all other participating countries. 

According to Jersey Mike’s Trend Tracker, some favorite games are missing:

·      Bowling (26 percent)

·      Ultimate Flying Disc (17 percent)

·      Pool/billiards (14 percent)

·      Cornhole (11 percent)

·      Samba Dancing (9 percent) 

Respondents have their own ideas about what is missing, offering write-in suggestions such as dodgeball, rock climbing, roller derby, CrossFit, paddle boarding, and the ultra competitive sport of sleeping. 

The Trend Tracker also uncovered an unusual correlation between what respondents chose as their dream sport and their favorite Jersey Mike’s subs. Thirty percent of those who prefer to add bowling to the lineup also prefer the Original Italian sub. Twenty-nine percent of those who favor samba dancing order more of the Turkey Breast and Provolone. 

Started in 1956, Jersey Mike’s now has 1,500 restaurants open and under development nationwide, where premium meats and cheeses are sliced on the spot and piled on in-store baked bread.

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