Jet’s Pizza crossed the $100 million mark for orders made utilizing artificial intelligence. The Detroit-Style Pizza chain began exploring AI technology in the fall of 2019. Since then, they have introduced text ordering, pro-ordering, and a phone bot. 

Jet’s Pizza was the first company to introduce Text Ordering when it officially launched in 2020. The goal with utilizing this AI technology has been to improve the customer experience, as well as allow staff to focus on what they do best, making pizzas. 

“These types of AI experiences are what, I think, we all hoped would be the promise of computers and the internet since we all were kids,” says Aaron Nilsson, Chief Information Officer for Jet’s America Inc. “To be one of the leaders that brings this into everyday life is flattering, exciting, and nerve-racking at the same time.”

Jet’s Pizza believes AI technology offers the ultimate customer experience, and they are just getting started.

“Getting anything going from nothing to something is hard, and this journey has been as well, but the possibilities with AI and ordering are so exciting that there is a spring in the steps of our teams, reinforced by watching the numbers climb month over month It has been an amazing run and we are looking to shift gears again soon,” adds Nilsson. 

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