Jet’s Pizza, known for its famous Detroit-style pizza, is growing its brand more than ever coming into 2022.

This year, Jet’s has plans to open 30 new locations. They will be expanding out west and introduce Jet’s in new states including Utah, Kansas, New Mexico, Washington, and Las Vegas, Nevada.

Expansion continues in markets with existing Jet’s including Denver, Colorado, Phoenix, Arizona, Austin, Texas, New York City, Chicago, Illinois, and Naples & Pensacola Florida.

“It’s truly incredible to see the love for our brand grow. People appreciate quality and that’s what sets us apart,” says John Jetts, president of Jet’s America, Inc. “We continue to have new franchisees who want to be part of this era of growth. Last year we had 294 new applicants want to open up their own Jet’s Pizza.”

In addition to making the best Detroit-Style pizza around with quality ingredients, new franchisees can enjoy the technological advancements Jet’s has developed and enhanced over the past five years.

Jet’s customers can order their pizza online, text to order, or use a third-party aggregator site. The franchise also recently launched a new phone bot ordering system utilizing AI technology.

Total digital sales in 2021 increased by 37.2% when compared to 2020. In 2021, text-to-order alone generated $31,360,000 in sales. On average, stores with the text-to-order feature saw a 24% increase in total sales.

Jet’s expects this number to continue to grow as text to order becomes more widely available across the franchise and as more locations open doors in 2022.

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