Since its humble beginnings as a single beach food trailer, Jimboy’s Tacos has held a deep commitment to its heritage and values. This year, the home of “The Original American Taco” is celebrating its 65th anniversary by rebranding its restaurants to highlight the brand’s rich history—while continuing to innovate what it means to create a unique taco experience today.

Jimboy’s Tacos was founded in 1954 by Jim “Jimboy” Knudson in Lake Tahoe, California. Knudson opened up his food trailer on King’s Beach, creating tacos with fresh, premium ingredients cooked in small batches. Knudson’s delicious and flavorful tacos quickly gained a reputation, even enticing celebrities like members of the Rat Pack and the cast from the television series, “Bonanza” to order up. Sixty-five years later, Jimboy’s Tacos is getting back to its roots.

Jimboy’s Tacos is now bringing the lively authenticity of that original food trailer to its more than 40 locations across California and Nevada. The brand recently kicked off the rebrand, which puts a modern spin on a vintage metal trailer look that truly transports customers back to the brand’s first location in 1954. Each revamped Jimboy’s Tacos counter features a photo of the first food trailer, while a large red wall details the brand’s storied history next to a black and white photo of its legendary founder.

“We’re so excited to share this time capsule that celebrates how Jimboy’s Tacos began and narrates the path of how we’ve gotten where we are today,” says CEO Robert Andersen. “We’re putting a modern twist on that original experience the Rat Pack enjoyed when they ate their tacos, and injecting the history of this great brand back into the customer experience.”

So far, nearly 20 Jimboys Tacos restaurants in the Greater Sacramento area have undergone the renovation or are in the process of reimaging, as well as four new Jimboy’s restaurants in Southern California and one new Jimboy’s in Lemmon Valley, Nevada.   While menus differ slightly store-to-store, every Jimboy’s Tacos serves the Original Ground Beef Taco, featuring fresh premium ingredients in the restaurant’s signature grilled and crispy stone-ground corn shell dusted with parmesan cheese.

“Throughout our history, Jimboy’s has struck a perfect balance between celebrating ‘the good old days’ and challenging the status quo through innovation,” says Andersen. “Shining a spotlight on our history and values through this exciting rebrand is the best possible way to celebrate our milestone 65th anniversary.”

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