Jo To Go Coffee, in response to increased market awareness of flavored iced coffee, is introducing its own line of the specialty coffee drink. Iced Irish Crème Coffee is now offered at Jo To Go Coffee stores nationwide.

“McDonalds has perked interest in flavored iced coffee among people who may not have tried specialty coffee in the past,” says Jo To Go America president Dick DuBois. “We see this as a great opportunity to show new customers how much better iced coffee tastes at Jo To Go Coffee, and is just as inexpensive.”

DuBois said that the Jo To Go Coffee’s flavored iced coffee is brewed in small batches daily from fresh roasted beans, and contains no chemical additives. The Iced Irish Crème Coffee drink includes flavor shots of Irish Crème, and is topped off with creamy half and half.

“Jo To Go Coffee’s flavored iced coffee features a top-notch flavor profile and, because it is fresh and contains no preservatives, is ultimately better for you,” says DuBois.

The coffee drive-thru also offers Iced French Vanilla Coffee and plans to offer iced coffee in over 25 flavors.