As part of its strategy to double its global footprint by 2017, Johnny Rockets announces agreements for 49 new restaurant locations in Italy, Paraguay, and Canada. With some locations opening as early as 2016, the all-American restaurant, known for its cooked-to-order hamburgers and hand-spun shakes, continues its international expansion due, in large part, to its strong brand awareness and commitment to providing quality menu items and entertaining atmosphere to guests worldwide.

“Johnny Rockets’ prototype flexibility and unique menu offerings are spurring this growth through Europe, South America, and north of the border,” says James Walker, president of operations and development, Johnny Rockets. “With our traditional prototype and new Express and Route 66 models, we can serve guests in various venues, from shopping malls to airports to amusement parks. This has captured the attention of international franchise partners looking for a concept that works well in various regions and serves a variety of guests.”

Groppetti Holding Srl., led by Giangiacomo Groppetti, recently signed a Johnny Rockets franchise partner agreement to open three restaurants in Northern Italy, including the Tuscany region. Groppetti plans to open the first location in Brescia and will also focus on growth in Milano and Verona, two cities that do not currently have a better burger concept such as Johnny Rockets that combines all-American fare, inviting décor, and a relaxed atmosphere.

In Paraguay, franchisees Julia Villamide and Claudia Pampliega signed an agreement to develop six Johnny Rockets restaurants throughout the country. They will bring the brand to Asuncion, the country’s capital, as part of Shopping Mariscal, one of the largest shopping venues in the city. In addition, Villamide and Pampliega are looking to grow in other cities, including Ciudad del Este and Encarnacion. Johnny Rockets’ signature menu item, the hamburger, and its various customizable options, are ideal for Paraguayan residents looking for quality burger options outside of traditional fast food.

According to a recent NPD report, Canadians are gravitating towards higher quality burgers, a collective demand that helped Johnny Rockets secure a minimum 40-restaurant master agreement in Canada with franchise partner Lewis Gelmon. Originally from Canada, Gelmon has extensive experience in the Canadian market, bringing various American franchise brands to the country. Gelmon and his seasoned team of restaurant professionals are the first Canadian Johnny Rockets master franchisor for the country, and they are currently evaluating locations to determine where the first restaurants will open in late 2016.

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