Hai Hospitality, the restaurant group behind Tyson Cole and Aaron Franklin’s Loro, announced the appointment of Josh Healy as the new Chef de Cuisine of Loro Dallas. Chef Mike Perez, who held the CDC position when the concept opened in July 2021, was recently promoted to Regional Chef of Loro, and Healy rose from his post as Executive Sous to this new leadership role.

“Josh exudes great energy and always comes to the table with fresh ideas,” says Chef Yoss. “From the moment he came on board, his attention to detail and enthusiasm have been great motivators for our team. I am really excited to see what he accomplishes in this new role.”

Some may recognize Chef Josh Healy from his celebrated tenure as the Corporate Executive Chef of Cane Rosso, a Dallas-based Neapolitan pizzeria, where he developed the brand and menu for a number of locations. Since the beginning of his career, Josh has worked shoulder to shoulder with award-winning chefs, leading the kitchens in stand-out restaurants: Matt McCallister’s Filament, Jean George’s The Edition Miami Beach, Jeff McInnis’s Yardbar Southern Table and Bar, and Giorgio Rappicavoli’s The Eating House.

Having cut his teeth at both fine dining and more casual concepts, Healy is well versed in maintaining the delicate balance between a relaxed vibe and an innovative menu.  He enjoys how the two styles, Asian and barbecue, play off of one another. 

“The marriage of the textures and versatility of the Indonesian-inspired flavors with the warmth and richness of Central Texas barbecue allows for some really interesting combinations,” says Healy.

Starting this evening, @loroeats will launch a giveaway on their Instagram page in celebration of Chef Healy’s announcement. The winner will have the opportunity to learn the tips and tricks of smoking a brisket Loro style with Chef Josh Healy. After smoking their own brisket, the winner will then prepare and cook a special LORO meal featuring on and off-menu items with Chef Josh. Shortly after, the winner’s friends and family will arrive to enjoy the meal at LORO Dallas with the winner and Chef Josh. They will also receive a $200 gift card and a swag box.  Parameters for entry will be outlined in Loro’s in-feed post.

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