Juice It Up! encourages guests to think outside the cup with its new Smoothie Bowl option. Now available for a limited time, customers can make their favorite Classic and Veggie Smoothie into a bowl topped with fresh bananas, granola and a drizzle of honey. Smoothie Bowls are ideal for those seeking a fun and more filling meal replacement option.

“As customers continue to seek an alternative to fast food we wanted to create a product which would transform a customers’ favorite Strawberry Wave, Mango Mania or Ever Green Smoothie into a more satisfying meal as opposed to just a refreshing drink,” says Carol DeNembo, Juice It Up!’s vice president of marketing. “With that, we merged the packaging and concept of our Superfruit Bowls and married it to our popular Classic and Veggie Smoothies, to create all new Smoothie Bowls. The Juice It Up! experience is all about giving customers options these days, and with this new spin on a popular product, they get to decide if they prefer to enjoy it with a straw or a spoon.”

For a limited time, Smoothie Bowls join Juice It Up’s menu of blended-to-order real fruit and veggie smoothies, fresh-squeezed functional raw juices, and nutrient-rich bowls loaded with superfruits açaí and pitaya. All Juice It Up! products are created with equal focus on flavor and formulated to meet the nutritional wants and needs of guests at every level of health.

To add even more health benefits, guests can order their favorite Smoothie Bowl with an extra dose of fiber, vitamins and minerals by blending in raw kale and spinach. Ask to “Make It Green” for these micronutrient-rich green veggies to supercharge any bowl.

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