Juice It Up!, a juice and smoothie chain, announced the addition of a brand ambassador to bring a face to the company for the first time in the chain’s history.

After a careful selection process, Orange resident Katie Gladding was chosen to represent the brand. The decision to adopt a brand spokesperson aligns with the company’s efforts to revamp its look and messaging as it continues to position the brand as advocates of healthy choices and healthy lifestyles for its consumers.

“As we work to remain a leader in the juice marketplace, we wanted to find someone who was genuine, healthy, and passionate about a juicing lifestyle and had a story that resonates with others in the community,” says Frank Easterbrook, president and CEO at Juice It Up! “Katie met and exceeded these criteria and her commitment to health and well being and inspiring others to do the same meshes perfectly with the core vision of our company.”

On the hunt for the perfect candidate, Easterbrook knew the brand ambassador should relate to Juice It Up!’s products, believe and validate the brand through various threads of communication, provide a genuine face to connect emotionally with target consumers to drive brand engagement, have long-term potential to speak to the campaign, and truly be an ambassador to the company’s history and unique story. 

Gladding will be supporting the brand in several important ways. She will be the face in various NBC television advertisements, featured in Juice It Up!’s in-store advertisements, and on the company’s website, Facebook fan page, and Pinterest boards.

Gladding will be creating and sharing healthy posts, photos, and videos online as well. She will also be participating in several Juice It Up! events throughout the year.

“Being the brand ambassador for Juice It Up! is an amazing opportunity for me to encourage others to adopt a healthy lifestyle,” Gladding says. “Living a healthy and active lifestyle is so incredibly rewarding and it’s not as difficult as it might seem! I’m looking forward to sharing my passion with others and helping them look and feel better than they ever have and empower them to make proactive choices they believe in.”

For more than 17 years, Irvine, California–based Juice It Up! has been bringing fresh-squeezed juices and handcrafted smoothies to communities everywhere.

From the company’s early beginnings in 1995 and throughout its continued expansion into the marketplace, it continually strives to deliver healthy and meaningful products for every customer.

Juice It Up!’s mission is to provide the freshest and most delicious juice offerings available and serve as advocates of healthy choices and a healthy lifestyle. Dedicated to helping create a healthier world, Juice It Up! will remain a leader in the juice marketplace by staying true to its roots and never losing sight of what customers expect from the organization.

Through healthy choices and healthy living, it encourages and promotes all individuals to “Live. Life. Juiced.” Juice It Up! is on track to increase same-store sales 15–18 percent in 2012, despite the recent economic downturn. 

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