Juice It Up!, one of the nation’s leading raw juice bar and hand-crafted smoothie chains, created a delicious new Açaí Bowl packed with protein to fuel the active, healthy lifestyle of its guests. The new Protein Açaí Bowl, available for a limited time, is a nutritious blend of organic Sambazon açaí, fresh banana, soy milk, nonfat frozen yogurt, creamy peanut butter and protein powder, topped with fresh bananas, organic granola, crunchy peanuts and a drizzle of honey. The Protein Açaí Bowl is an excellent source of protein, calcium, fiber, potassium and iron, making for a nourishing post-workout meal.

An antioxidant powerhouse, açaí berries have long been praised for their high levels of minerals, vitamins and protein, which are essentials for regeneration of cells, tissues and muscles, especially after strenuous exercise. As consumers continue to incorporate more wholesome food choices into their everyday diet, Juice It Up! is hyper-focused on developing functional products to support the nutritional wants and needs of guests at every level of health. The limited-edition Protein Açaí Bowl joins Juice It Up!’s popular lineup of Açaí Bowls:

Ultimate Açaí Bowl features a delicious blend of organic Sambazon açaí, guarana, banana and apple juice blend, topped with organic omega-3 granola, sliced bananas and honey.

Ultimate Berry Bowl features organic Sambazon açaí, guarana, strawberry juice blend, strawberries and blueberries, topped with organic omega-3 granola, sliced bananas, strawberries and a drizzle of honey.

“We’re excited to launch our first ever protein-packed peanut butter and açaí blend! What may seem like an unlikely pair complements one another very well when combined in perfect proportions,” says Frank Easterbrook, Juice It Up! president and CEO. “Made with organic and fair trade açaí, the new protein bowl is perfect for guests looking for delicious ways to increase their protein intake with healthy meal replacements.”

Available through July 14, the Protein Açaí Bowl will be featured on Juice It Up!’s menu alongside fresh-squeezed raw juices, blended-to-order real fruit and veggie smoothies, nutrient-rich bowls, and Cold Pressed Bottled Juices. The recently introduced bottled juices are available in six great-tasting flavors sold individually and available in Wellness packs featuring all six juices, which is ideal for a one-to three-day cleanse. With Juice It Up!’s delicious Smoothie Bowls, guests can transform their favorite Smoothie into a nourishing meal replacement, customized with the choice of premium ingredients like fresh seasonal fruit, chia seeds, goji berries, cacao nibs, organic granola and honey. Guests can also supercharge any bowl or smoothie with the “Make it Green” option, which blends in raw kale and spinach to add an extra dose of fiber, vitamins and minerals.

Check out “What’s New” on the Juice It Up! website to stay updated on special offers and juicy promotions. Fans can also follow the brand on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for coupons and frequent limited time offers. Raw juice and smoothie lovers are encouraged to join Juice It Up!’s Smooth e-Club for weekly specials and sign up for the rewards program in-store to receive 25 percent off their next order.

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