CrunchTime! Information Systems, Inc. announced that JuiceLand has deployed the CrunchTime Restaurant Food & Labor Operations Platform. JuiceLand is using CrunchTime in order to create operational efficiencies for teams, and to better track and understand inventory and purchasing across 34 stores—saving costs both at the store and brand level.

JuiceLand is the largest and fastest growing independently owned juice concept in Texas, with 34 stores serving more than 12,000 customers daily. JuiceLand features a plethora of organic vegetable juices and superfood smoothies that taste as good as they feel. JuiceLand juice bars serve more than just fresh juice and smoothies, offering unique plant-based meals made in house, as well as step-by-step juice cleanses.

“CrunchTime gives us a powerful solution to create more automation and integration for our back-of-house operations, allowing our teams to focus on serving and engaging our guests. With more accurate and real-time information, we see opportunities to optimize scheduling and reduce food costs,” says Hazel Mahony, Director of Information Systems at JuiceLand. “We are excited to work with CrunchTime’s expert staff guiding us each step of the way as we roll out our new system.”

CrunchTime provides JuiceLand with real-time tracking of all inventory items, plus a demand-based analytics engine that projects food production schedules based on powerful sales forecasts and historical consumption patterns. As a result, JuiceLand can maintain a lower inventory with only the freshest ingredients, which translates to lower food costs and higher profits.

CrunchTime’s TeamworX workforce management solution streamlines the entire staffing process for JuiceLand with mobile scheduling functions that allow managers to keep up with staffing. Schedules are created quickly and easily, and team members can pick-up and swap shifts right from their smartphones. CrunchTime tracks and reports on labor, which helps JuiceLand maintain a unique environment of internal career growth for employees while sustaining a company culture that helps the JuiceLand Crew climb from entry level positions to management.

“All of our managers started at entry-level positions, including our Chief Operating Officer, Director of HR, and Director of Purchasing, who began their JuiceLand careers as shop employees making smoothies over a decade ago,” adds Mahony. “CrunchTime makes managing and scheduling easier, and even helps track when part-time employees are newly eligible for full time benefits so we can quickly offer full-time status to those that qualify.”

CrunchTime’s suite of native mobile applications allow JuiceLand to manage inventory and labor on the go using iOS or Android devices. JuiceLand can save time and increase accuracy counting inventory with CrunchTime! Counter. CrunchTime! Reconciler helps to quickly and accurately receive vendor deliveries with a cost-saving mobile inventory reconciliation tool. And CrunchTime! Impact gives general managers up-to-the-minute info with up to 50 key restaurant management metrics available at a glance right on each manager’s phone.

“JuiceLand is an innovator in the plant-based market segment and we’re delighted to partner with them on their operations initiatives as their business continues to grow,” says Jean Fogarty, VP of client services at CrunchTime. “Our platform and mobile solutions will help them elevate their operational performance across all of their retail locations and production commissaries.”

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