JUICER, a pioneer in real-time revenue management, announced the launch of its latest innovation, JUICER Compete. This new solution is the first hyper-local competitive pricing intelligence tool designed to elevate precision and scalability in the restaurant industry to unprecedented levels. With JUICER Compete, the company is redefining industry competitive intelligence standards and is quickly gaining the attention of restaurant giants in the field.

“In an industry where ‘staying still’ means falling behind, JUICER is not just keeping pace; we’re setting the pace,” says Ashwin Kamlani, CEO of JUICER. “With JUICER Compete, we’re taking our commitment to revenue management innovation and precision pricing to the next level, providing our [quick-service] franchisees with the tools they need to stay ahead in highly competitive local markets.”

JUICER’s flagship product, JUICER Pricing, has already revolutionized revenue management with its real-time dynamic pricing capabilities and automated adjustments for restaurants of all sizes. It ensures that restaurants remain agile in responding to market changes, increasing profitability while maintaining high customer satisfaction without the need for additional manpower. Furthermore, JUICER Pricing monitors sales volume at the menu item level on third-party delivery channels like Uber Eats and Doordash, and provides strategic promotional insights, empowering restaurants to capture a larger profit share of the online market.

Building on this success, JUICER Compete introduces several key features:

AI-Driven Analysis of Special Offers, Bundles and Value Meals: Dynamic analysis of special offers, menu item bundles, and value meals leverages artificial intelligence to understand what offers are available in each local market, and how they compare.

Competitive bundle generation engine that can easily craft promotions that resonate with customers based on custom parameters set by each location.

Real-time Price Alignment Alerts: Automated alerts ensure swift adjustments to price misalignments compared to local competitors, protecting market share when consumers are searching for value.

“With Pricing and Compete, JUICER is the leader in real-time revenue management. Our cutting-edge AI driven technology rivals the capabilities of renowned solutions in any industry,” adds Angel Monticelli, CTO of JUICER. “We are committed to innovation and excellence. As the restaurant industry evolves, JUICER stands ready as a strategic partner, offering the pricing precision and scalability required to thrive in an increasingly competitive hospitality marketplace.”

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