Arby’s is bringing its icon, Arby’s Junior, into the digital age. To promote its new Jr. Deluxe Value Menu sandwich, Arby’s is launching a web application that allows consumers not only to interact with Junior and have him send preset or customized audio/video messages, but also to morph themselves or friends into their own version of Arby’s Junior, 10-gallon hat and all.

The Juniorize app is available on Arby’s website and Facebook page.

Here’s how it works: Fans can access the Arby’s Juniorize application free online. They then click on the application and upload a photo from their desktop, Facebook account (using Facebook Connect), Arby’s-provided photos, or via a Google image search.

Once the photo is uploaded, the Juniorize app uses a morphing technology to transform the uploaded photo into a personalized version of Arby’s Junior. The 3-D morphed character follows the computer cursor with its eyes.

Users can customize the creation by adding an audio message (via PC microphone, text-to-speech, or Arby’s-provided audio), which the morphed character lip-synchs, and selecting from different available backgrounds.

The personalized Arby’s Junior creations can be shared with one click via e-mail, across social networks (Facebook and Twitter), embedded on personal blogs and sites, or by copying and pasting the URL.

Arby’s Juniorize is a social media application that was created by Initiative’s Innovations group and is powered by New York–based Oddcast, the participation technology agency.

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