Junzi Kitchen just dropped their first holiday snack box. Hand-picked by junzi team members, the box includes a collection of 12 iconic East Asian snacks.

The box provides a balance of sweet and savory:

  • Chinese Lay’s chips
  • Matcha Pocky
  • GGE crackers
  • Master Kang 3+2 crackers
  • Candied hawthorn flakes
  • White rabbit taffies
  • Vita Soy juice box
  • Banana-flavored yogurt drink from Korea
  • Spicy Peanuts


This gift box, along with all other Junzi merchandise, will be available on Junzi’s brand new online store https://shopjunzi.com/ starting Tuesday.

“The Covid has created a much longer social distance between our stores and our fan base. In the meantime, many of our customers moved into our webspace, such as Instagram and website, to engage when they are physically away,” says Yong Zhao, CEO and Co-founder of Junzi. “We made this launch to upgrade our system to create a much better online engagement experience. As a brand committed to connecting people from different cultures globally with Chinese culture, this is a great opportunity to extend our offering with interesting food products that we love, including our fan-favorite chili oils handcrafted in our store.”

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