Just Salad, the fast-casual restaurant committed to making healthy food accessible to everyone, is reporting its 3rd consecutive quarter with double-digit sales growth. The global restaurant brand posted a year-to-date same-store sales increase of 21.3 percent. The strong numbers confirm that the company’s recent rebrand has been well received by its global customer base.

“We’re feeling the full effect of our company-wide rebrand and menu revamp that launched in mid 2017,” says Just Salad CEO & Founder Nick Kenner. The rebrand included updated food preparation protocols, store design improvements, and the introduction of a new menu with salads, wraps, grain bowls, and avocado toast, taking the menu beyond just salad. The brand unveiled the new items and updated store design over a 6-month period, launching one store each week to ensure optimal food quality, operations, and customer satisfaction.

“We are doing things from a culinary and taste perspective that far exceeds where we were two years ago. Customers are tasting that with the new menu and feeling that with the new store design,” Kenner added.

“Training all of our teammates how to prepare the new items, like avocado toast, was our #1 priority to maximize customer satisfaction.

That hardest part is always execution, and the entire team has been focused on making sure our new items are perfectly prepared and consistent every time they’re ordered.” In addition to increased comps, Just Salad saw significant spikes in delivery sales, positive Yelp & Google reviews and participation in its reusable bowl program, which is the World’s Largest Restaurant Reusable Program.

YTD same-store delivery sales also increased by double digits, with the average delivery time in Manhattan at 34 minutes. Guest satisfaction increased thanks to a reduction in-store wait time as a result of new food prep procedures. Just Salad is a privately-owned concept and is not required to publicly release financials. The fast-casual brand ended its sixth 4-week period on June 17. The restaurant chain reports sales in 13 four-week periods, which is standard for restaurants.

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