Industry News | September 20, 2012

Kaba Intros Time, Access, and Alarm Management System

Kaba ADS Americas, leading manufacturer of access control and data system solutions, is introducing the addition of its new Time Key data capture terminal to its intelligence-based product line.

Time Key is the most versatile integrated time and attendance and physical access control product on the market. By combining the two, Time Key allows users to share a single user base for administration.

Designed for businesses with up to 500 employees, Time Key is ideal for medical offices, quick-service restaurants, retail establishments, banks, remote construction sites, warehouse/distribution centers, manufacturing sites, government facilities, and educational buildings.

Because the e-Data Biometric Fingerprint Key is NEMA-4 rated, it can be used in exterior environments.

In addition, the system supports PINS, smart cards, and biometric fingerprint credentials, along with HID iClass LEGIC, MIFARE, and e-Data biometric readers.

"Buddy punching costs companies 7-8 percent of payroll," says John Carter, president of e-Data. "Use of the biometric reader eliminates this."

Offering an economical alternative to labor-intensive manual time tracking, Time Key virtually eliminates time card preparation, collection, and storage, and simplifies installation by offering users an easy plug-and-play system.

Time Key can be managed via a Web browser in a compnay's network facilitating reporting for payroll and access management.

This new system offers users a high level of security and accountability that captures and tracks all access control activitiy and cardholder information, including card number and scheduled access for each cardholder.

"E-Data solutions are unique in that they offer embedded applications," says Logan Stewart, product manager. "This eliminates the need for licensing fees, as well as the high cost of servers and cabling."

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