Kagome Co., Ltd.  (Kagome) announces the successful majority acquisition of Ingomar Packing Company LLC (Ingomar), solidifying their dedication to sustainable  and innovative solutions. This maneuver establishes Kagome as a prominent force in the global tomato processing industry.  

Kagome USA, a lead producer of high-quality sauces, dressings, salsas and  butter spreads; aims to leverage synergies and seize new opportunities. This  move aligns with Kagome’s vision to strengthen its foothold in the tomato  processing sector and explore new avenues for sustainable growth.  

Satoshi Yamaguchi, President of Kagome Co. Ltd., highlighted the company’s  enthusiasm to learn from Ingomar about tomato farming and processing while  leveraging Kagome’s resources and experience to foster mutual growth. “This  strategic investment reflects our commitment to expanding our presence in key markets and driving sustainable growth. We look forward to leveraging  our combined strengths to deliver value to our customers, shareholders, and  stakeholders.” 

Greg Pruett, CEO of Ingomar, expressed enthusiasm about the acquisition as  well, emphasizing the opportunity for collaboration with Kagome in areas such  as product quality, innovation, and process improvement. The acquisition will position Ingomar as a consolidated subsidiary of the Kagome Group.  However, Pruett will continue to lead the company as CEO, ensuring a  seamless transition by leveraging his expertise to drive further growth. 

A foundational aspect of this partnership is Kagome’s commitment to working  closely with Ingomar’s existing grower-owners. This joint effort highlights  Kagome and Ingomar’s devotion to nurturing current agricultural partnerships,  maintaining the consistent flow of high-quality products.