The Kati Roll Company is expanding to the heart of the Financial District this weekend at 22 Maiden Lane. The fast-casual restaurant will continue to serve their signature, Kolkata-inspired street food as well as introduce new menu items as part of their growing expansion plan.

When Payal Saha founded The Kati Roll Company in 2002, it first location was actually intended to be near Wall Street. However, after finalizing the space, 9/11 suspended her opening plans and forced the concept to open its first shop on MacDougal Street in Greenwich Village.

The new location pays homage to the late Bollywood icon Sridevi — considered to be India’s first actress to reach super stardom. A mural of the movie poster for the classic film ‘Lamhe’ forms a permanent shrine at the new location. Sridevi was recently named Best Actress at the 65th National Film Awards, just months after her sudden and unexpected passing.

With six Manhattan locations (Financial District, Greenwich Village, Grand Central, Midtown West, Midtown East and East Village) and one shop in London, fans of the made-to-order kati rolls should expect to find it easier to find The Kati Roll Company has plans to expand to over 40 locations in the coming years throughout New York City and beyond.

The Kati Roll Company also introduced the Kosha Mangsho Roll, which features four hours of slow-cooked braised mutton, seasoned with hand-ground Bengali whole spices wrapped in a handmade flatbread, and finished with red onions, bird-eye chillies, and a sprinkle of lime juice.

The Mishti Doi Lassi is a take on one of the most popular desserts in Bengal – fermented sweet yogurt made with a reduction of date-palm sugar. It has a familiar taste of dulce de leche and caramel. The Orange Blossom Lassi will transport you to your childhood days of creamsicles marking it the perfect refreshing drink while the new Honeydew Melon Lassi is prepared with seasonal fresh fruit. The Kati Roll Company is also introducing its first savory lassi, with digestives such as cumin, mint, black salt and ginger. All the lassis are made with organic yogurt.

The Kati Roll Company has also added a basmati rice bowl with select proteins over a blend of red quinoa and wild rice, topped with green cilantro, carmelized red onions, grilled tomatoes, fresh cut cucumber salad, chaat masala dressing and a taste of fresh, handmade paratha bread.

The Kati Roll Company is built around the philosophy of an experiential environment, where no two units are the same. Every location is bespoke: designed and curated to reflect respective market in the interior as well as menu localization. The new 500 square-foot space will evoke this individuality and will be centered around an open kitchen where diners can place their orders and watch cooks prepare every item of their roll from scratch. With all flatbreads made daily by hand and spices (as many as 22 in each bite) ground from whole spices, as well as farm fresh, local ingredients rolled into a perfect bite.

A unique Indian restaurant using fresh, high-quality and simple ingredients to make Calcutta inspired street food. The Kati Roll Company opened in 2002, earning both critics’ awards and the approval of a diverse clientele. Serving affordable, made-to-order, from scratch and never frozen food is a unique quality of this fast-casual restaurant compared to other restaurants of this kind. All the flatbreads are made daily by hand, the spices (as many as 22 in each bite) are ground from whole spices, and the ingredient list includes farm fresh, local as well as organic products. The kati roll is perfect for a quick-bite on-the-go, lunch, dinner or even for your drunk cravings. Currently The Kati Roll Company has three locations in New York City and one in London, with plans for expansion.

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