Keith Hertling, vice president of leadership, coaching and culture, Jersey Mike’s Franchise Systems, Inc., explores how to create and maintain a great culture in his new book, “Life Lessons on Leadership, Coaching and Culture.”

This guide for business owners, managers and employees, provides insights on creating a leadership and culture plan, inspiring teams to rethink how they approach work, conducting interviews and hiring the right staff, and adapting tactics to different learning styles.

Peter Cancro, Founder and CEO, of Jersey Mike’s Franchise Systems, says, “I’ve known Keith for the better part of 50 years. His dedication and determination to any endeavor is unmatched. He leads by example and his focus is always on the things that matter in life. Love what he brings to the table. So happy he’s on my team. We’ve been teammates our entire lives.”

Hertling has worked for the sandwich chain for fifteen years. He began coaching Special Olympians in college and has been teaching and coaching ever since. At age fifteen, he co-founded Popeye’s Gym, a haven for athletes, police, firefighters, and lifeguards, and was a leader in the fitness industry for more than twenty years. He also spent time as a high school and college football coach, certified personal trainer, and life coach.

“Keith’s insights and stories from his vast career of coaching and teaching others are invaluable to anyone who is serious about shaping their company’s corporate culture,” adds Tom Monaghan, founder, Domino’s Pizza. “Creating a culture built on integrity and exciting goals that team members can engage in is certainly a recipe for success no matter what kind of business you are leading.”

In addition to his book, Hertling has created a website of resources ( including videos, essays, poems, reflections, and recommended reading material. Proceeds from the book go to UB4ME Foundation, an organization that works with employers to hire qualified people diagnosed with autism, as well as The Monks of St. Benedict Abbey, a religious order that taught Hertling important leadership lessons.

As New York Times bestselling author, Tommy Spaulding, says, “Keith Hertling teaches from the heart. He is part coach. Part spiritual advisor. Part mentor. And most incredible human being. We can all learn from his life and leadership lessons.”