To support chain operators in the commercial segment, Kerry introduces its new series of educational articles. Focused on building a flavorful restaurant menu, this article explores how to identify trends, select ingredients with integrity, balance the art and science of flavor pairing, and communicate the unique story to customers.

A revived interest in flavor diversity has created “Restless Palate Syndrome” for some of the 57 percent of Americans who consider themselves adventurous eaters. Furthermore, only one-in-four customers say they are satisfied with the availability of ethnic foods at restaurants. This poses a new challenge for chefs and restaurant operators alike.

“Staying ahead of flavor trends and consumer preferences is crucial to surviving in today’s foodservice landscape,” says Brenda Renee Turner, marketing director of beverage brands for Kerry. “We hope this article helps busy commercial chain operators develop a menu based on flavor, complete with quality ingredients and a unique story.”

In addition to trends and consumer research, Kerry cites real-life examples from key influencers in the flavor category such as Cathy Nash Holley, editor-in-chief of Flavor & The Menu magazine, along with a variety of Kerry flavor specialists.

“We’re seeing a shift from brand-loyal consumers to flavor-loyal consumers,” says Holley. “Developing a menu based on a signature, flavor-forward approach is one that will resonate with younger demographics while enhancing the all-important craveability factor to set a concept apart in today’s competitive landscape.”

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