Henny Penny Corporation has been named both Equipment Supplier of the Year and Supplier of the Year by the KFC organization in recognition of recently introduced holding cabinet technology and overall excellence in service and partnership.

The awards were announced in May at KFC’s headquarters in Louisville, Kentucky, during the company’s “Star” achievement awards ceremony.

A commercial foodservice equipment designer and manufacturer, Henny Penny earned the award for its commitment to quality products and for working with KFC to drive innovative solutions integral to the success of their business. The two companies have forged a decades-spanning partnership to ensure joint projects are developed and executed to fit the unique needs of the KFC organization.

Henny Penny earned the awards specifically for the success of its AHC Holding Cabinet, a product that KFC uses to consistently provide customers hot, fresh chicken. With its precise humidity controls and durable construction, the AHC delivers efficiency and quality to KFC's stores every day. 

“We are honored to receive these awards from KFC,” says Henny Penny president Rob Connelly. “They are an excellent representation of how seriously we take our customer’s business challenges. Henny Penny applied decades of industry leading design experience to produce the best possible solution for KFC. The awards reinforce the pride and dedication each Henny Penny employee displays on a daily basis supporting the KFC system.”

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