The Kentucky Fried Chicken Foundation, an independent non-profit foundation established by KFC, announces the search for this year’s KFC Colonel’s Scholars. The program, founded on Colonel Sanders’ belief in education and faith in an entrepreneurial spirit, is looking for accomplished high school seniors planning to attend a public in-state college or university. The students selected will receive up to $20,000 over four years in order to complete a bachelor’s degree program.

This is the third year for the colonel’s Scholars program, and the Kentucky Fried Chicken Foundation plans to make the scholarship giving an annual event. The 2007 selection process successfully chose 51 high school students from 30 different states across the country to receive the scholarships. In the program’s inaugural year of 2006, 50 scholars were selected.

With the selection of an additional 100 Colonel’s Scholars in 2008, the Kentucky Fried Chicken Foundation will nearly double the total number of college students currently receiving assistance from the program.

“Knowing that Colonel Sanders was a strong advocate of education, the KFC Colonel’s Scholars Program provides high school seniors with opportunities they might not have had otherwise,” says Gregg Dedrick, president and chief concept cfficer of KFC Corporation and chairman of the board of the foundation.

The Kentucky Fried Chicken Foundation Board, with the help of a neutral educational company, will sort through the thousands of applications and choose 100 scholars this year. The winning students must meet pre-determined criteria, including earning a 2.75 grade point average, demonstrating financial need and answering essay questions. The scholars must also convey qualities like motivation and perseverance.

“I’m looking forward to the progress of each one of the scholarship recipients,” says Darlene Pfeiffer, franchisee and Foundation Board Member. “By renewing the scholarship every year, we are making a major impact in the lives of these scholars, and we welcome them as part of the KFC family.”

This year’s KFC Colonel’s Scholars program will continue to accept applications through February 15, 2008, and 100 winners will be announced in May. Fifty of these scholarships will be awarded to national winners; the other 50 are funded by franchisees and will be awarded to scholars in the franchisees’ local markets. Scholarships may be used to fund tuition, books, school fees, and room and board for up to $5,000 per year. Interested students may visit for more information or to apply on-line.

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