KFC Launches Double Crispy Colonel Sandwich

    Industry News | August 27, 2018

    Kentucky Fried Chicken announced its latest over-the-top, oversized eating innovation; the Double Crispy Colonel: two extra crispy hand battered fillets with mayonnaise and pickles sandwiched between two soft buns. To celebrate, KFC partnered with the World’s Strongest Man, Hafþór Júlíus Björnsson, to set the world record for pulling the most chicken sandwiches at one time in the arm-over-arm pull.

    “I’m not afraid of a challenge, so I couldn’t say no when KFC asked me if I wanted to attempt to pull a massive amount of Double Crispy Colonel sandwiches instead of a semi-truck like I normally do,” says record-setting Björnsson. “This feat isn’t for the weak and neither is this sandwich.”

    Earlier this month at the inaugural Double Crispy Challenge, Björnsson channeled the tenacious force of the Double Colonel and successfully pulled a giant sled of Double Crispy Colonel sandwiches weighing more than 700 pounds – the most chicken sandwiches ever recorded in an arm-over-arm pull.

    With this new sandwich, KFC is doubling up on its Crispy Colonel Sandwich by adding an entire second fillet, packing an extra powerful crunch. The Double Crispy Colonel is the same extra crispy sandwich that only the fried chicken experts at KFC can make — times two, with double the meat. Intended for the incredibly hungry fried chicken fanatics, this sandwich is bigger than the rest and built to take on the hungriest and strongest of appetites.

    “We launched the Crispy Colonel Sandwich a few months ago and we believe it is the best chicken sandwich in the market,” adds Andrea Zahumensky, CMO, KFC U.S. “Burger places have been selling double burgers for years, but nobody has really had a chicken sandwich like this — worthy of doubling up on — so we decided to change the extra crispy fried chicken game by creating the Double Crispy Colonel.  You’re going to need both hands for this one.”

    With the launch of the new double sandwich, the unmistakable crispy, flaky, golden brown crunch of KFC’s Extra Crispy chicken is now available on a bun with twice the chicken and is accompanied by the Colonel’s special mayo and juicy pickles. KFC is also making the Double Crispy Colonel available in its three signature southern-inspired flavors: Smoky Mountain BBQ, spicy, smoky Nashville Hot, and sweet and tangy Georgia Gold honey mustard BBQ.

    The Double Crispy Colonel is available in KFC restaurants across the U.S. à la carte, or in a combo meal with wedges and a drink.

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