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    KFC Looks to Raise World Hunger Awareness

  • Industry News October 6, 2008
    As campaign headlines blare on about lipstick on pigs, hockey moms, angry pastors and a bridge to nowhere, KFC is challenging all presidential debate participants -- candidates, moderators, and even audience members -- to stand up and give world hunger a voice Tuesday night in Nashville.

    To spur a serious conversation on world hunger, KFC is offering to donate $20,000 to world hunger relief efforts if anyone mentions the pressing issue during Tuesday's nationally televised presidential debate.

    A 30-second, silent television ad will air in Nashville, Tennessee, on October 6 offering up the donation challenge to local viewers who may be participating in the Town Hall Presidential Debate October 7 at Nashville's Belmont University. If anyone asks a question or makes a statement on-air regarding world hunger during the debate, KFC will donate $20,000 to the United Nations World Food Programme (WFP).

    The statistics are truly staggering. One child dies every six seconds due to starvation, and hunger kills 25,000 people worldwide every day. KFC's sound-less ad aims to spotlight this important issue which often goes undiscussed.

    "Global hunger has reached epic proportions," KFC President Roger Eaton said. "Starvation kills more people worldwide than war, AIDS, malaria, and tuberculosis combined. This issue deserves the national spotlight, and we hope someone gives this important issue a voice Tuesday night."

    Global hunger has affected nearly 1 billion people due to the convergence of higher commodity and global food prices; increased competition for products that produce energy; severe droughts and floods due to climate change; and increasing demand from growing economies in Asia and South America.

    KFC's offer comes as part of Yum! Brands World Hunger Relief campaign, in which KFC and fellow Yum! Brand restaurants worldwide are joining forces with the WFP to help raise funds and awareness for this very important cause. This year, Mariah Carey will be featured in World Hunger Relief restaurant posters as Hunger Ambassador with the quote, "The change from hunger to hope starts with you." Customers who donate to the World Hunger Relief campaign at participating KFC restaurants through October 26 will receive a free download of her song, "Love Story," from her newest CD E=MC2.