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    KFC Recipe Still Under Wraps

  • Industry News March 3, 2001
    The famous KFC Original Recipe® still remains top secret. An on-air taste test with CBS' TV's "The Early Show'' anchors Bryant Gumbel and Jane Clayson compared KFC Original Recipe chicken to chicken prepared by the couple from Shelbyville, Ky. who claimed to have discovered the Colonel's list of 11 herbs and spices in a 1964 datebook of the Colonel's.

    The Early Show anchors immediately identified the unique flavor of KFC Original Recipe over the couple's chicken. The couple claiming to have the Colonel's secret ingredients also agreed that their list of seasonings did not duplicate the one-of-a-kind taste of KFC Original Recipe. "We have always believed that the Colonel's Secret Original Recipe was still a secret,'' said Rick Weber, KFC spokesperson. "We can now safely say again that the only place to enjoy the Colonel's finger-lickin' good chicken is at your neighborhood KFC.''

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