KFC launched a new Hispanic broadcast initiative geared toward bringing the slow and savory back into lunch with KFC’s $5 Fill Ups. Airing nationally through January 18, KFC is helping adults, including “Billennials” (Hispanic Millennials), indulge with five lunch alternatives that offer an abundant value. 

The spot, entitled “Almuerzo” (the Spanish word for lunch), was created by Louisville, Kentucky–based ad agency Scoppechio. It shows a young businessman walking the halls of his workplace as the viewer observes all of his coworkers struggling to complete monotonous tasks while holding their lunch of bland quick-service food options. Instead of pulling out the same, he sits at a table to relax and enjoy KFC’s wholesome chicken potpie, drink, and cookie from the $5 Fill Up box. Savoring his almuerzo, he asks the audience, “Lunch? Almuerzo? You decide.”

“Lunch is the heaviest meal of the day in most Hispanic countries,” says Rico Nieto, vice president of multicultural marketing at Scoppechio. “Yet in the U.S.A., lunch is a short word that says eat fast and sacrifice quality. Almuerzo is something to be savored. We wanted to present KFC’s $5 Fill Ups options as just that: complete lunch options with entrée’, drink, and dessert all at a great value price."

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