Industry News | January 6, 2011

KFC Sauceless Wings Prompt Search for Wet-Wipe Use

The history of hot wings is saucy, stain-filled, and sticky, but KFC is rewriting history by showing you can have the taste without the mess. To showcase its sauceless, no-mess Hot Wings, the brand is kicking off 2011 with a hunt for groundbreaking thinkers to share creative, inspiring, or charitable ideas for repurposing KFC’s “leftover” wet wipes. Five finalists will be selected to produce videos that illustrate their vision, and America will have the final vote, awarding the person with the tastiest thinking a $10,000 grant for a clean start in the New Year.

From the written entries received, five finalists will be selected to receive $500, a supply of 1,000 wet wipes, and a hand-held video camera to film their vision for the “unneeded” wet wipes. Finalist videos will be uploaded to KFC’s YouTube channel on January 20, and America will have the chance to weigh in on their choice for the top innovator. The video that best captures the taste and clean fun embodied in KFC’s sauceless wings will earn the $10,000 prize.

“KFC has ‘cleaned up’ the act of eating wings because our Hot Wings taste so good, they don’t need sauce. Now we’re looking for some forward thinking on what to do with the ‘surplus’ wet wipes,” says John Cywinski, chief marketing and food innovation officer for KFC. “One Hot Wing fan/filmmaker is going to enjoy a tasty start to the new year with a $10,000 prize as a reward for a truly groundbreaking vision for this everyday item—the wet wipe.”

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