Quail Digital’s Pro5 headset system has been officially approved by KFC for use in the brand’s U.K. and Ireland outlets.

The Q Pro5 is a lightweight, wireless communications system designed specifically for order taking in drive-thru restaurants. Quail Digital has been providing its communication systems to KFC for 17 years, and the new Q Pro5 has been installed in 160 sites within the U.K..

KFC ran tests in eight stores for six months. Audio intelligibility between the order taker and customer, ease of use, and reliability of the headsets were monitored on an on-going basis. 

“The Q Pro5 system is now officially approved for use in our drive-thru restaurants across the U.K. and Ireland, and we will continue to implement this equipment within our new-build restaurants,” says Paul Cunliffe, equipment supply manager for KFC U.K. and Ireland.“We are looking to open 34 new stores this year alone, and we know the part this equipment plays in helping us deliver excellent customer service.” 

“We’re delighted to receive this approval from such a major brand,” says Quail Digital CEO Tom Downes. “This relates to the U.K. and Ireland, but it’s a great introduction to other overseas markets.”

The Q Pro5 all-in-one drive thru system weighs 3.5 ounces, giving unrivalled comfort and ease for users. It comes configured for single or dual lane drive thrus from just one base station. Headsets can operate completely hands free, affording order taker and crew full mobility and productivity. It also has a sleep mode that saves battery capacity when the headset is not in use.

The system uses a duplex platform combined with noise and echo cancelling technology to maximise sound quality for both customer and order taker. Recent research by U.S. specialist acoustic testing laboratory, Orfield, verified the Q-Pro5’s superior acoustic quality.

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