It was an impressive debut for the Colonel as KFC’s first entry in the National Buffalo Wing Festival, resulting in first place honors in the Traditional Barbecue Sauce category. After more than 560,000 wings (27 tons) were served at the legendary Labor Day weekend wing festival in Buffalo, New York, KFC’s Honey BBQ sauce topped all other Traditional Barbecue sauce entries.

“It was an amazing weekend for the KFC team, as we were honored to be a part of the National Buffalo Wing Festival and thrilled to win first place on our first-ever trip to the festival,” says Mike Haley,director of marketing for KFC.

While the award-winning wings at the KFC booth produced repeat visits by festival goers, the apparel that the KFC team wore also generated a lot of interest among the 78,000 people who attended the event. As a nod to the current political season, the KFC staff wore white t-shirts that read, “Right Wing, Left Wing, Tastes the Same to Me.” The shirt design is one of three political t-shirts available from, including a red “Right Wing” style and a blue “Left Wing” design, each with a subtle retro Colonel Sanders logo.

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