Life has never been more hectic, and today’s on-the-go consumers are hungry for a better way to snack. Today, KFC officially upgraded its snacking opportunities. Featuring a handy (and patented) container that fits in a vehicle cup holder, KFC’s Go Cup includes a choice of the brand’s signature chicken along with Seasoned Potato Wedges for just $2.49 plus tax.

Customers can choose any of these options to customize their Go Cups: a piece of Original Recipe Boneless chicken, a Chicken Little sandwich, two Extra Crispy Tenders, three Hot Wings, or four Original Recipe Bites.

“Today’s on-the-go snackers are going to love the Go Cup because it features awesome taste and great value, and in the ultimate portable package,” says Jason Marker, chief marketing officer for KFC U.S. “With the arrival of the extraordinary Go Cup, there’s no reason to settle for an ‘ordinary’ snack anymore.”

While it’s what’s inside the Go Cup that will appeal to the taste buds, the Go Cup itself will be popular with consumers’ practical side. The design of the package takes convenience to the next level as the chicken and Potato Wedges are kept separate by a divider, and the cup is sized to fit perfectly in most cup holders. The Go Cup is designed to allow most of the food to sit above the rim of the cup, allowing easy access. How innovative is the package? The Go Cup design was awarded a United States Design Patent (US D656,816 S) in April 2012.

New car designs are an acknowledgment that Americans like to eat while on the go. For example, one popular minivan seats seven, but has 17 cupholders. But while vehicle cupholders have become more prevalent, fast-food packaging has lagged behind until the introduction of the Go Cup.

A recent KFC survey revealed that 53 percent of car owners age 18–32 would be more likely to eat in their cars if the food container would fit in a cupholder. And 35 percent of Americans describethemselves as “one-hander” eaters in the car, with one hand on their food while keeping the other hand on the wheel.

Other survey findings of interest:

·      Multi-tasking motorists. The top activities Americans have “caught” others doing while behind the wheel include: talking on the phone (84 percent), eating (69 percent), singing (61 percent), and applying makeup (60 percent). Some just can’t resist moving to the music, as 33 percent have caught someone “dancing” in the car. Amazingly, 26 percent report they have busted someone changing clothes. And one in five has spotted someone taking a “selfie” photo while behind the wheel.

·      Stranded? How long could you last?On average, American car owners say they could live out of their cars for three full days based on the car’s contents.

·      What’s in your cupholder?Surprisingly, “a cup” is not the most common answer to this question. The top response was “change” (44 percent), followed by drinks (33 percent) and a phone or tech device (19 percent).

Beginning September 30, KFC will launch the #GoCupGo Instagram photo contest. KFC fans will be encouraged to submit photos of themselves “on the go” with their Go Cups. Every week for five weeks, five winners will receive gift checks and unique KFC items. Five grand-prize winners will receive their choice of a Polaroid Z2300 camera or $250 worth of iPhone photography accessories, as well as being named “KFC Social Correspondents.” For one year, KFC will follow the correspondents on Instagram, and their photos may be used in KFC digital advertising.

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