Building on the successful formula of celebrity Colonel Sanders, Kentucky Fried Chicken created, for the first time, a product-specific Colonel, the Extra Crispy Colonel, played by the world-famous actor George Hamilton. The advertising campaign begins Sunday and will feature KFC's signature $5 and $20 Fill Ups, which are perfect for summer meals and gatherings.

More than 50 percent of Americans don't know that KFC has two fried chicken recipes—Original Recipe and Extra Crispy. Extra Crispy Chicken and Tenders are super crunchy, juicy, and cooked to a golden brown. They are double-breaded and open-fried to give them a signature crunch while staying very juicy and tender. As with Original Recipe, Extra Crispy Chicken is hand-breaded and prepared fresh by cooks in KFC restaurants all day, every day.

"Just like no one person could play the Colonel, no one Colonel can sell both Original Recipe and Extra Crispy fried chicken," says Kevin Hochman, KFC U.S. CMO. "And no actor was more qualified to play our Extra Crispy Colonel than a very tan George Hamilton."

"I like to think that I know a thing or two about being extra crispy," Hamilton says. "It didn't take long for me to get into character as the Extra Crispy Colonel. One could argue that my entire career has been leading up to this role.”

The campaign by Wieden+Kennedy will include four spots, comprised of two 30-second and two 15-second commercials, all of which will air nationally. The ads feature Hamilton as the Colonel with an exaggerated suntan to emphasize his "extra crispy" character as he combs the beach to share his love of Extra Crispy Chicken with families. In a bucket that easily doubles as a picnic basket, KFC's Extra Crispy Chicken will satisfy everyone's taste buds in the sizzling summer heat.

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